Saturday 16 August 2008

Undead research?!

It's well-known that researchers often try to work out acronyms for their research projects that are easy to pronounce and remember, but the one in the above excerpt from an advertisement from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) certainly took me by surprise: Non-linear Optical Switching For Extremely high data RATe commUnications, i.e. NOSFERATU, the word used by Bram Stoker and subsequently by filmmakers, but originally found in an 1885 article by Emily de Laszowska Gerard on Transylvanian Superstitions:

'More decidedly evil, however, is the vampire, or nosferatu, in whom every Romanian peasant believes as firmly as he does in heaven or hell.'

No one seems to be quite certain precisely which Romanian word is the basis for 'nosferatu', but, obviously, the word has become part of modern day language, simply synonymous with vampire, and used in various connections, now even including research in optical communication!

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