Monday 11 August 2008


While in Leipzig I purchased a book on the churches in Leipzig and the surrounding area. It contains a short paragraph on 'die kleine barocke Dorfkirche von Güldengossa' (the small baroque village church in Güldengossa), but there is no picture or much information available in it concerning this church, where Michael Ranft supposedly must have spent some time in his early childhood, as he was born in Güldengossa in 1700 as son of the local priest. Fortunately, a picture of the church is available here. According to this web site, the church was built in 1540 and was almost destroyed in a fire during the thirty years' war, but rebuilt and in 1721 enlarged. Güldengossa is a small village with a population of less than 400 citizens, situated some 15 km south of Leipzig and is also the location of the Schloß Güldengossa. Unfortunately, I didn't have an opportunity to go there while I stayed in Leipzig.

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