Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Across the Forest

Rob Brautigam has kindly informed me of a new documentary on Romanian strigoi, varcolaci and forest spirits called Across the Forest. More information on the documentary, a trailer is available at this web site. Here you can also order the DVD for $9.99 plus shipping. I have myself just ordered it, so I am unable to comment on the contents, but you can read Brautigam's review, and listen to a radio interview with one of the film makers.

1 comment:

jola said...

Haunting images on the "Across the Forest" website. Honestly it seems as though plus ca change in Romania, plus c'est meme. Is it just me being provincial or does Romania seem as though it was caught in a time warp, some kind of wrinkle in the universe (its all-too-real nightmare history under Ceausecu notwithstanding)? It seems like a very very strange place. No wonder it's a hotbed for vampire lore - and vampires themselves.

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