Sunday, 30 March 2008

Vampir Prinzessin DVD Bonus Features

I am working on a more detailed review of the Die Vampir Prinzessin DVD that I mentioned in a recent post, but I might just mention a couple of things about the bonus features on this DVD.

Some of the bonus features are related to the making of the documentary, and some are mainly about the main topic of the documentary, Eleonore von Schwarzenberg, but there are in fact two features relevant to the study of Magia Posthuma and vampires: Some excerpts in German from Calmet's book, and most importantly a photographic reproduction of the German translation of Gerard van Swieten's remarks on vampirism. I believe this is the first reproduction of this translation, which means that this DVD is a reasonably easy and cheap way to get to read van Swieten's text in German.

The DVD is only in German, and there are no subtitles, so you have to be able to understand German to appreciate the contents. However, viewers of the British History Channel will get a chance to see the documentary itself later this spring.

The exact contents of the documentary require a bit more research and an extra viewing before I will comment on it in more detail here.

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