Monday, 25 April 2011

Ranft in colour

I was delighted to find the above colour scan of the second edition of Ranft's work on vampires, De masticatione mortuorum (1728), on Google Books. I have now added it to my list of noteworthy books in the right hand column (but have kept the link to the other online scan of the book, who knows, it might come in handy some day). I have also added a link to the first edition from 1725, which is now also on Google Books. So now it is possible to do some armchair research into the development of this essential work in the vampire canon.

I might add that a couple of years ago I stumbled upon another, much shorter text (in Latin) by Ranft concerning vampires, but I am saving that for a special occasion. I have not seen it mentioned anywhere yet, and I do not know of an online edition.

1 comment:

Anthony Hogg said...

Bloody hell! It was in coloured font? Great find, Niels!

And you uncovered another Ranft text? You're putting us all out of business, man :P

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