Sunday 25 July 2010

Dracula in Bucharest!

Surfing the internet for some information, I was surprised to find a news story on this Spanish vampire web site on a Dracula exhibition at The National Museum of Art of Romania in Bucharest!

As far as I gather, also from the information available in Romanian, this should be the Austrian exhibition that I wrote about in an earlier post which makes it very interesting news - and tempting to go on a trip to Bucharest!

The exhibition is on until October 10, so there is still a chance to see it if you are able to go there.

1 comment:

Vampnoves said...

Dear Mr. Niels Petersen. Cercle-V isn't a 'Spanish vampire web site', but Catalan web site with people from Catalonia, Andorra, Roussillon, Valencian Country and another places. Our common language is Catalan.

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