Saturday, 29 January 2011

Reading von Schertz

Most of you probably have not had the chance to read a book by Carl Ferdinand von Schertz, but now it is possible on Google Books. OK, you may not be particularly interested in the subject of the book, but here is a chance to get a feel for the man and his interests besides the subject of the book that he is best known for, Magia Posthuma.

Mährisches Landes-Wappen published in Nuremberg in 1699, i.e. prior to Magia Posthuma, is a book on Moravian coats of arms with considerations on e.g. the etymology and spelling of the name of Moravia (which takes it name from the Morava River).

Heraldry may not be your subject, but you may wonder if that little portrait on the title page could bear any semblance to that of the author? Looking at other books from the same publisher or printer might answer that question.

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Anthony Hogg said...

There's a coupla references to Schertz in this Czech article (pdf). It's mingled in with some German, too.

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