Sunday, 27 September 2009

Vampires among us

With vampires being remarkably popular, new web sites like this one on vampire books, keep appearing, and a number of new books are published. Most of them are, unfortunately, probably mostly old wine in new bottles. Amazon caters for those inclined to read vampire novels with a Vampire Store, and Twilight paraphernalia is everywhere.

I still haven't watched the Twilight movie, but it seems to be one of the biggest hits on DVD this year. Another popular vampire act, the musical based on Polanski's vampire comedy, Tanz der Vampire I also have not had the chance to catch, but I have noticed that it is now (again) on in Vienna, this time at a venue called Ronacher. I am no fan of modern musicals (I got so bored with the movie version of the Phantom of the Opera musical, that I had to fast forward through most of it), but I suppose it could be worth attending a performance.

To listen to some music and see photos from a 2007 performance, click on the image here. Videos from various performances, some including English subtitles, are available on youtube.

P.S. I hope I don't frighten you by showing the two book covers at the top - they are not exactly in the best taste!


Anthony Hogg said...


You are going to cost me a fortune in book purchases!

I wasn't even aware of that Vampires in Slavic Cultures book!

I've gotta add it to my list.

Plus, just the other day, I put in an order for the catalogue mentioned in "'Let's Save Dracula!'."

It looks gorgeous. And, I admit, I'm a sucker for the reproduction of those old vampire documents.

Oh, and not sure if you caught it, but someone on eBay is selling a facsimile of Putoneus's 1732 work.

jola said...

I googled "vampire slavic cultures." Are you aware that that's the title of a current academic course? The syllabus looks fascinating!

Anthony Hogg said...

Uh...the US $148.95 price tag of J. Thomas Garza's The Vampire in Slavic Cultures is tad off-putting, though.

Anthony Hogg said...


From initially googling for the title, I did come across mentions of the course you refer to.

You're right though, the syllabus does look fascinating.

I particularly enjoy the coverage from a Slavic perspective, due to the vampire's origins amidst these peoples.

The titles of some of those subjects would be the basis of some great articles or books in themselves!

Ruby said...

Thanks for the link in your post! Appreciate it! I'm going to add you to my blogroll :)

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