Tuesday, 5 February 2008

German revenants

Peter Kremer, author of the magnificent and highly original study Draculas Vettern: Deutschlands vergessene Vampire (PeKaDe Verlag, 2006) (Dracula's Cousins: The forgotten vampires of Germany), informs me that he is currently working on completing the book, now using the title Draculas Vettern: Totenfurcht und Wiedergängerglaube in Deutschland (Dracula's Cousins: Fear of the dead and revenant belief in Germany). He has kindly allowed me to take a look at a draft of the book that is now well over 400 pages long, including new source material that Kremer has uncovered, and I look forward to study it. Kremer expects the new edition to be available by early summer. Certainly good news for those of us interested in the history of revenants and vampires!

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