Saturday, 2 June 2007

First month

A month has elapsed since I bid welcome to this blog. I have deliberately done nothing to promote the blog, because I wanted to make sure there was some content before doing so. I was also curious to see if anyone would find the blog while googling for information on the subject of Magia Posthuma, but as I have received no feedback, it seems that I shall have to be patient.

Anyway, this blog has turned out to be a collection of posts about a variety of subjects that are somehow related to my interest in the vampire cases and debate of the 18th century. It is still quite exhibitionistic for me to write posts like this, because I expose both my ‘weird’ interests and my abilities and inabilities in writing English. Also, I must admit that I am cautious about giving away too many details about the subject, because I have spent long time in investigating some things, and I have other plans for making this information available. However, if I continue blogging, I will publish more facts and theories, and I hope that there are in fact people out there who are interested in filling in the lacunae!

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