Monday, 8 June 2009


I have received this kind e-mail that I thought I might as well just publish here. I am sure some of you will be interested in the links courtesy of Cecil:

My name is Cecil and I'm an active contributor at German Wikisource, where we started our own collection of sources about Vampires a little more than one year ago ( Your blog is fascinating and in the last month it got my mayor source to expand our own page with more German public domain texts about the topic. Your blog helps me to find more texts previously unknown to me and also helps me understand the historical connections. I don't know how you do it, but thanks a lot. So I thought to tell you that at the beginning of this month, the ALEX-collection has finally published all the scans from the Theresianische Gesetzbuch ( Among them also the one law which Maria Theresia did against superstition ( So know everybody can read about it without needing to travel to Vienna or searching hard-to-get books which refer to it.

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