Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Un itinéraire intellectuel

Some time ago I mentioned the book Dom Augustin Calmet: Un itinéraire intellectuel. In the meantime I have obtained a copy of this surprisingly comprehensive book about Dom Calmet which contains several references to his book on revenants and vampires. Apart from Dom Calmet, "historiographe des vampires"? by Diego Venturino, Cédric Andriot writes about the controversy surrounding the Dissertation sur les Vampires, and in other parts of the book there are briefer passages concerning that work, in particular in Dom Calmet et ´l'"autre Europe" by Gilles Banderier. There is also an interesting selection of portraits of Calmet, including one of him as a child! The index contains several people related to the history of vampires, e.g. 'Flückinger (Johannes), médecin de Vienne'. So as I wrote in my earlier post, this is 'probably the best up to date book on Calmet'.

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