Sunday, 10 May 2009


This blog has been pretty quiet for a while. Other tasks have required my attention, and whatever I have been doing on vampires and magia posthuma have been reserved for purposes outside this blog.

I'd like to refer to a couple of links that might be of interest: Elizabeth Miller on her blog currently reports from an interesting visit to both Dublin and Whitby. She also notifies us of the recent death of Nicolae Paduraru, founder of the Transylvanian Society of Dracula. I remember being in contact with him briefly many, many years ago, back in the day when he had to fax people material.

A curious item is currently on sale on ebay: A patch from the Yugoslavian 239th Fighting Bomber Aviation Squadron called 'Vampiri', the vampires. That's at least what I gather from this web site. So the vampire returned to Balkan in the shape of a vampire bat for this military use!

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