Sunday, 8 March 2009

The hottest topic in popular culture today

'Vampires are the hottest topic in popular culture today. From the now classic novels of Anne Rice, to the mega-selling series by Stephanie Meyer to the hit HBO series “True Blood” based on the bestselling novels of Charlaine Harris, the undead are certainly not dead in terms of books sales.'

This is from an e-mail from Amazon urging me to buy the new edition of the book below. I doubt that I will, but it is true that vampires are popular: Here in Denmark the local translation of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight is seen in big stacks in the book shops.

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Leon said...

Vampires are a fascinating topic, no doubt, and every now and the the Press publishes notes about them. From exaggerated accounts of supposed true cases, to notes like this one:

In any case, as you said, they are very alive, thanks God.

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