Thursday, 8 January 2009


Someone calling him- or herself The Overseer has started a blog called Diary of a Vampirologist that includes posts on a couple of famous 18th century vampirism. One of these posts is to a large extent taken verbatim from a post that I have written on this blog on the Medvedja vampire case: Visum et Repertum. 'The Overseer' does not mention that he has taken large portions of text from my blog, nor does he in any way say that this isn't his or her own text!

I kindly ask 'The Overseer' to immediately remove all parts of text that he or she has taken from my blog!

Apparently, 'The Overseer' believes in the 'reality' of vampires. Each to his own, I say, but I find it unacceptable that people plagiarize and steal text from my or other people's blogs!


Niels K. Petersen said...

The post on the Peter Plogojowitz case that is posted by 'The Overseer' on his or her blog is simply 'borrowed' from Wikipedia without mentioning it as his or her source. Much of the other parts of the blog is based on quotes from various 'authorities', including his or her profile. It seems that 'The Overseer' borrows even his or her identity from other people's writings, in some cases without mentioning the source!

klavaza said...

It is no uncommon to find entire blogs which are copycats from other sources. Check this link, it offers to find copies of your own material posted by others elsewhere in the Net. Unfortunately they charge a fee for their premium service, however, I have found some copicats of my posts with their free service.

Anthony Hogg said...

I was rather surprised to read your blog entry, especially as it is about a blog that sounds awfully similar to mine! Here's my say on the matter.

Vampirologist said...

None of which applies to me.

So why am I being harassed?

Nothing belonging to Niels K Petersen appears on my Diary of a Vampirologist.

Nothing belonging to Anthony Hogg aka "Amateur Vampirologist" (someone linked to Niels who has little better to do than whinge) appears on my blog.

So why are these two huffing and puffing on their individual blogs?

Regarding the absurd claim that I have "borrowed" someone else's identity, has Niels had a look at how many people on the internet employ the user name "The Overseer"? The number runs into dozens upon dozens!

So why pick on me?

Niels K. Petersen said...

I am sorry that you, Amateur Vampirologist or someone else should have confused the two blogs. I certainly didn't intend to do so!

I recommend your recent posts on the topic, so readers, please, visit Diary of an Amateur Vampirologist.

Niels K. Petersen said...

To 'The Overseer': You used a lot of text from my blog. Then when I asked you to remove it, you added some "sources", and finally you replaced my text with another text, but you keep claiming that you didn't use my text in the first place. I was satisfied with you removing my text, and if you want to make a blog that consists of quotes from Montague Summers and other authors, that's your business. People who take the time to read about this topic around the internet will quickly find that your blog is more or less copied from other sources, as another blogger has kindly documented. There's nothing wrong with quoting, I do it a lot on my blog, but the honest way is to make it perfectly clear what is a quote and what is not.

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