Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Last minute

Haven't decided where to go this summer? Or are you just planning a trip later this year or next year?

If you need a bit of inspiration, then this German site might help you out, at least if you like a bit of the horrific. I happened to find it when I read about this Horor bar in Cesky Krumlov, the town known from e.g. the Vampir Prinzessin documentary. At least, it looks like a pretty unique place to have a drink :-)

The woman behind this 'Gothic' site has, apparently, visited a number of other places that might interest readers of this blog, e.g. in Prague, Vienna or Cachtice. Just click on her Gothic Reisetipps for more information.

Reading about her lifestyle, I am reminded that I was recently interviewed by a guy who thought that being interested in vampires and revenants had to be a kind of lifestyle. I hope I convinced him that my interest in magia posthuma and similar subjects does not reflect in my tastes in life in general. :-)

Video via Outside Prague.


shan_dark said...

Hi Niels,

thank you very much for recommending my blog and the horrific and bizarre sights I've already visited. I'm surprised and happy about it ;-). The Horor Bar in Cesky Krumlov is definitely a unique place to stay for a drink, but also the city itself is very beautiful. One should also see the old baroque theatre there, not often one has the possibility to see the insights of former theatrical and mechanical sound machines and so on.

Moreover, I learned from your article about the "Vampir Prinzessin Documentary" and Eleonore von Schwarzenberg. Although the Schwarzenbergs were once a very powerful, well-known and wealthy noble family, I neither encountered her or read sth. written about her there in Krumlov nor have read about her and the 3 'suspicious' corpses before. But I really had a good laugh about the docu when reading your article. I also don't like them because those TV documentaries are often very sensational/lurid and thus, they mix around with facts so that everything appears more creepy than it really was. I avoid watching them.

Thanks also for the new word I didnt know before: Magia Posthuma. I will return here from time to time to read your interesting, scientific and enlightening posts.

Anthony Hogg said...

G'day Niels,

This comment doesn't relate to the blog entry at hand, so apologies in advance for that.

However, I think my query will give you some food for thought.

I was recently messaged by the bshistorian (of The BS historian fame), asking who the first vampire was. Their suggestion was Giure Grando. I, however, dispute that on account of the fact that Grando wasn't a blooddrinker.

To my knowledge, the first reference to an undead bloodsucking corpse with the vampire tag ('vampyri') was Peter Plogojovitz. Who's your contender for the title?

[P.S.: I'm not forgetting the Polish 'oupires' Calmet mentions, from 1693-4]

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