Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Christian Reiter on vampirism

Professor Christian Reiter of the Medical University of Vienna, who appears in both Die Vampir Prinzessin and the Galileo Mystery episode about vampires, can be heard here talking (in German) about the early 18th Century vampire cases from the point of view of forensic medicine.

The talk entitled Der Vampirismus und die Wiener Ärzte was given at the Pathologisch-anatomisches Bundesmuseum in Vienna on July 13th 2007.

For some reason he claims that all male vampires have an erection! It's likely that Peter Plagojewitz was not the only corpse suspected of being a vampire that exhibited this phenomenon, however I can't remember it being mentioned in other descriptions.

Reiter concludes that the disease associated with vampirism is anthrax.

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Niels K. Petersen said...

If you look at the map of how to enter the museum, you will notice that do so by the Van Swieten Gasse :-)

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