Sunday, 16 September 2007


It seems that in Denmark as late as 200 years ago educated and enlightened people were worried about the belief in ghosts and revenants. According to a Danish book on the subject, the first performance of Mozart's Don Giovanni was postponed until 1807 because the directors of the Danish Royal Opera were concerned that this opera might give new life to the belief in revenants. By then 20 years had passed since the initial performance of the opera in Prague in 1787!

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Zee said...

I found a reference to the 1807 premiere of DG. The musical director at the Royal Orchestra in Copenhagen during that time was F.A.AE. Kunzen.

Kunzen previously worked at Frankfurter National-Theater 1792-1794 where he staged DG and The Magic Flute. When he came to Denmark, he brought Mozart's work with him.Æ._Kunzen

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